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Local Groups

Links to local partners, educators, mentors, and UCC resources also supporting the work of racial justice.

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Bridge the Divide is a grassroots effort that began in a small suburb of Milwaukee. We provide a forum for discussion and action around racial repair, reconstruction, and eventually, reconciliation. We are passionate advocates for treating all humanity with love and respect and hope that through education, proximity, and discussion, we can help foster empathy and decrease fear.

Break the Silence in the Burbs logo.PNG

We're breaking the silence in the suburbs by demanding justice for George Floyd and calling for an end to systemic racism.

As this movement continues to take shape and add new partners, we look forward to sharing future events and guest speakers you!

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The United Church of Christ acknowledges and supports the equality of all humans.

We are one of the very few Christian churches that are leading bold and courageous conversations, engaging in direct social activism, and participating in civil disobedience as a way to bring attention to and disrupt racist systems and structures. The reality of racism, white supremacy and nationalism threatens God’s sacred human family. 

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